Supplying Governments with P.P.E.

We are on a mission to help governments with the supply of Personal Protection Equipment during this Coronavirus situation that we are all unfortunately experiencing.

We have a combined experience of dealing with Chinese manufacturers of over 25 years to include many products but today we are dropping everything so we can supply all essential goods to defeat the Covid-19 virus.

We are not intent on making lots of money out of this situation but have a genuine desire to help and would welcome all enquiries direct to our principal where he will reply to you on a 24 hour basis but please accept that all best intentions can sometimes go astray.


We are looking to acquire a large retailer with a good reputation for selling high end quality furniture.

Currently working with a large multi functional manufacturer from China who has a number of factories. They are looking to get a foothold into the UK market.

They have some very exciting new products that will be launched in 2019 and have decided they would like to penetrate the European market via an acquisition of a well established and known high street or e-commerce business.

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90 High Street, Ingatestone, Essex CM4 9DW


18 Hartshorn, Hornell, NY 14843


8 Route de Melleran, Sauze-Vaussais, 79190 France


San Antonio Guagua, Pampanga, Phil. 2003


65 Lockwood Road, Shepparton 3632 VIC


Goldhaven Villa, 236/11 Laonaedee, Banwa Ampre, KHON KAEN 4000


No.291, Huabei Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China